Friday, March 30, 2012

You’ll thank me for listening to this “Simple Song”

Its been stuck in my head all morning.  But that ok because I think its a great song. 
The Shins will be at Red Rocks in Denver at the end of May with The Head and the Heart…. I must go to this show!  I’m not much of a concert person, but I think this one will be worth it.

I really want to go to that concert because I LOVE The Head and The Heart.  They are from Seattle and their entire album is great.  My favorite song is “Ghosts," check it out:
I found this video of the band and when I picture bands traveling, this is what I imagine they do every time they get in a van together.  This video makes me so very happy. 

I now want to go on a road trip with The Head and The Heart and I love them even more!   I could travel with them and be in charge of the distribution of snacks.  I should contact them and let them know my availability.  They need me, I’d be an excellent addition to their band.


Jean said...

And what may I ask could you contribute to a traveling band, I guess you could play the cello, that would be an interesting addition to the van.

CentsibleRunner said...

First of all, Mother, I do not appreciate the lack of enthusiasm of me being able to contribute to a travelling band. Why aren’t you proud of these recent ambitions?!?
Secondly, I would be a HUGE asset to The Head and The Heart. 1) Every band should have a 30 year old geological engineer, DUUUH. 2) Like I said, I could distribute yummy snacks to keep them well fed. 3) I have amazing stationary dancing skills (upper body dancing). 4) I am practically a professional gas pumper and window squeegeer.
I should totally send them my resume.

Jean said...

OOOOOOOOOO I think I pushed a button with that reply. Go for it girl.

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