Friday, March 9, 2012

I bucked up and bought a gym membership

I feel like a gym membership is a waste of money.  Especially for me because I spend most of my time running outside.  Against my better (cheap) judgment, I bucked up and bought a gym membership. 

Jeff and I tried the punch card thing ($75 for 20 visits) and liked the concept of not being locked into a membership.  Except we used up the 20 visits in under a month and we were even “conserving” our visits.  The monthly fee at the city rec center is $47 for both of us; so the monthly membership is a much better deal. I also think it is safe to say we will get good use out of the rec center because we really enjoy going there and it has a lot to offer (and our money is going to our city, not to corporate thieves like LA Fitness- I hate LA Fitness….).

Soon I will be bench pressing more than just the bar and will be able to complete 2 consecutive pull ups.  Watch out world, I’m gonna turn my strength from wet noodles to arms of steel.  At this point I would insert some picture with “Strong is the New Skinny” or other motivational poster.  But some of those things make me throw up a little in my mouth.  Instead, I share with you:
Do you have a gym membership?  How often do you use it?

Jeff and I just finished an amazing dinner, tilapia with mango salsa and a side of Caribbean black beans with mango salsa over brown rice.  Um, it was soooo good and so different than anything we have ever made!  It’s really fun trying to make new things.  Hopefully it will be good fuel for our 10 miler tomorrow (maybe the black beans will give us extra acceleration powers?).
IMG_1501KU just lost in the Big 12 Semi Finals, no more KU vs Mizzou :(  Looking forward to March Madness, I have a good feeling that KU will do well this year.

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