Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I can’t make this stuff up….

After posting about Elle’s nocturnal habits, I guess Jay felt the need to one-up her. 

Jay is very old, half blind, and has seizures.  But somehow he is the most resourceful dog and pulls incredibly intelligent moves out of his scrawny little butt!  I can’t make this stuff up….

Last night I am awoken to the sound of a drinking dog.  You know the sound, the *lap lap lap* of a tongue lapping up water.  I’m a little confused because the sound is RIGHT. NEXT. TO. ME.  I turn to my left and Jay is standing over Jeff with his paws on the nightstand lapping water out of Jeff’s water cup.  Seriously.
jaywater I am impressed that this little old dog woke up thirsty and A) knew he was blind and can’t jump off the bed in the dark, so he B) remembered that there was a cup of water in the room, and C) was able to drink out of that cup without spilling it.  And that he was self-sufficient enough to not (purposely) wake us up to go to his water bowl!

I’m a proud momma!

Then I learn something even more hysterical (or at least to me).  I was discussing the midnight water drinking incident with Jeff:

Me: Wow, Jay is so smart knowing where to get water in the middle of the night.
Jeff: You know that I taught him that, right?
Me: What?!?  You mean to tell me that you taught an old dog to drink out of your water cup.  That is so weird, but impressive all at once.
Jeff: Well, I got sick of Jay waking me up because he was thirsty.  So when he wakes me up, I give him some of my water.  He must have remembered and helped himself to it.  He is such a stud (proud dad expression).
Me: This is risky, what if he drinks out of it, and then YOU wake up thirsty and don’t know HE drank out of your cup??  What if you drink his slobbery backwash?!?
Jeff:  Oh. (Tonight Jeff will probably take two glasses of water to bed; one will be out of a water bottle with a closed lid.)
Me: But still, that is so hilarious that you taught him to drink out of your water cup.

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