Monday, March 5, 2012

In Lieu of Running….

I hit the slopes today!  It was a spur of the moment decision and I am sure glad I did it.  What a great day!
IMG_20120305_140540Now I am exhausted and didn’t have the energy to get in a run or work out.  But it got me thinking; skiing counts as a workout, but how does it compare to other activities?
All I could find was the amount of calories burned while doing various activities and found this awesome table from Harvard Health (so its probably legit):
calories I highlighted the things I do the most and it was really interesting how they compared with each other.  And it also reminded me of all the awesome things you can do to be active…. besides running!  Granted you don’t burn as many calories as quickly, but that is not always the point.  Just get out there and do stuff and you will be doing something.  Plus it is good to switch things up to avoid the running burn out…..

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Jean said...

What a good chart, looks like my swimming is good, but we knew that. It is nice to see it in black and white. Now I need to get my biking back in gear.

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