Thursday, March 22, 2012

How not to do Mile Repeats

Tonight Jeff and I got in mile repeats.  This is how NOT to do mile repeats:

milerepeats Your mile repeats should be consistent; obviously I started off too fast and then got slower and slower and slower….. plus after the first mile repeat I thought I was going to crap my pants and had to find the nearest bathroom to avoid this:

runner-poop-pants-500x335My legs actually felt really good, but my lungs were burning and I felt my asthma coming back (haven’t had to use my inhaler in a while, but I sure wish I had it tonight!).  It also might still be the whole adjusting to the elevation thing.  Oh well, at least this leaves me plenty of room for improvement. 

We did the mile repeats at Crown Hill Park and I just watched the good ole Garmin to determine when I got in a mile.  I did pretty good!  I even did a stretch photo shoot after the run with the Rockies in the background, oh how I love the Colorado sunshine (sorry Steff and Jess, I couldn’t help bringing up the good weather here, I sure don’t miss the Seattle rain…..).

IMG_1584 Gosh I am so inflexible.  I really need to work on that.


Jean said...

That picture is disgusting. Where do you find these off the wall pictures?

CentsibleRunner said...

Google, Runner Poop, and that is what you get. If you get into distance running, this picture is your worst nightmare.

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