Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just another Tuesday.

After work I had every intention of immediately heading to Crown Hill Park with the family; Jeff and I would do mile repeats while Mom and Dad walked the Rats.  Then Jay decided to have a senior moment.  Well not really a senior moment, more like a “I think I can keep up with my younger sister” moment that ended terribly. 

We were all excited about the 70 degree sunny weather (again) and about heading to the park.  The dogs were going nuts and I opened the door to the garage while chatting with my mom.  Elle jumped from the top stairs to the garage floor; Jay tried to follow, tripped, stumbled and landed on his poor little head!  The loudest most horrible cry erupted from the poor old dog and he immediately starts seizing.  Oh lord, it was awful. 
garageI scooped the poor seizing little Jay off the garage floor and tried to comfort him.  He was still screaming and violently seizing!  He wouldn’t stop so Jeff and I rushed him to the closest vet.  Right as we are pulling into the parking lot, he stops seizing…. we then go into the vet office and he starts walking around like nothing was wrong!  That vet must have some miracle healing powers!!  We go back home (the vet didn’t even charge us for the mystery healing) and he is fine, WOO HOO! 
Jay We leave Jay to take it easy at home (all that screaming and seizing takes a lot out of you) and the rest of us continued to the park according to plans.  All that stress of the incident left Jeff and I mentally drained, so we decided against mile repeats and just ran around the park aimlessly.  I got in 6 miles (and 1 lap around the lake with Elle) at a 7:30 pace. 
We got back home and little Jay was asleep in his bed and still fine (thank goodness).  We grilled our dinner and tried some beer; tonight we had Boulevard Chocolate Ale and some Breckenridge Vanilla Porter. 
grillbeer The Chocolate Ale wasn’t near as chocolaty as I was expecting.  But interestingly, my mom and I did taste more chocolate in it after drinking the Vanilla Porter.  Those two beers went well together.  While we were eating Jay admired his reflection (he does this frequently, this is not a post-seizure symptom).
JayIt was just another Tuesday……

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