Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturdays are for Long Runs

Last night Jeff and I went up to Boulder to meet my friends for dinner, it was Lisa’s 30th birthday.  She joined the 30-year-old club and feels really cool now.  We made it an early night because Saturdays are for long runs and bikes.  Jeff and I are running and Beth is going to get in a ride because she just started training for a 100 mile bike race that is in 2 weeks (crazy girl).

We decided to do some trail running today because we are both getting bored of the paved trails and roads by our house.  Plus with it being a long run, the elevation and rocks on the trail will help keep us slow and steady and will work some different muscles.  We headed to Green Mountain and started on the trails. 
Wow, my legs are not used to trail running.  I was sore after 3 miles…… But we got in 9 miles of running and probably 2 miles of hiking/walking.  It was a great change up and I can’t wait to try more trails in the area.
I heard this song during my run and it has been one of my favorites for a while, its by The Killers “I Can’t Stay” off their Day & Age album.  So upbeat and so good to run to!
Tomorrow Jeff and I are headed to Loveland for some skiing so we may not get in a run.  But I want to try to get in some sort of run to get close to a 35 mile week.  We’ll see……

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