Saturday, March 17, 2012

First 10K, Lucky Laces

I ran my first 10K this morning, a run in honor of a splendid holiday.  I decided last night at 9pm that I would run instead of going skiing with Jeff.  My coworker said his roommate signed up but was out of town, so I saved myself $25 and picked up his pre-paid race number and ran as a 27 year old male by the name of Dallas.

Dallas dressed up for the race and wore a shirt from 2004 St Pats in Rolla, MO in which he “Feared No Beer.”  He also had some nice knee high socks from a previous St Pats run.
stpat10k Dallas had never ran a 10K before and didn’t know how fast to run it.  Plus Dallas was stupid and ran 5 miles last night at a 7:20 pace and drank beer and ate pizza for dinner while watching basketball.  Dallas didn’t expect to feel or do well.
Dallas finished 6th in the 23-29 Male age group (I would have been 3rd in my age group and gotten a metal, that’s what I get for cheating the system). 

I actually didn’t feel all that well and was disappointed that I ran the same pace I ran my last half marathon in.  I definitely want to do another 10K and try to run it at a 6:45 pace or faster.  I will have to do a lot more mile repeats to run that fast..….

Oh I also signed up for the Denver Rock and Roll Half marathon, goddammit.  They had a deal if you signed up you got a discount and a T-shirt….I was a sucker…. and signed up for another stinking Competitor Group race.  But I did sign up as myself and not as Dallas.

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