Thursday, March 29, 2012

Now you know.

This is post of all the random things that went through my mind yesterday:

1. I love Game of Thrones and I particularly love the evolution of the Khalessi. 

I also want to go around calling everyone “My Lord” or “My Lady.”  Normal. 

2. I catch myself staring at people in the mirror at the gym.  But I don’t think it is rude because I am not really staring at them, I am staring at the mirror.  Duuuhhhh. 

3. I saw a man walking down the street carrying a stop sign.  What a brilliant man, he can cross the street whenever he wants and can stop cars.  I want my own stop sign to carry on runs so that I never have to stop to cross streets.

4. I see the same woman every day at a bus stop wearing a different head piece based on the most recent holiday.  Before St Patrick's day, she wore a shamrock headband that sparkled and bounced.  Now she is wearing bunny ears.  What will she wear after Easter, what sort of Memorial Day head gear will she wear?!?  I can’t wait.

5. The elevator smelled like a homeless person yesterday.  I thought about how an elevator would be a good place to sleep at night if you were homeless.  You could just tape a sign to it that it was out of order and you would have comfort, peace and quiet all night.

6. People always find it necessary to talk to me in the elevator.  I still don’t want to talk to them.

7. Why are there not zombie animals in the Walking Dead?  Are they immune to the zombie plague?  Or will they appear in the second season?

Now you know why I always have a confused look on my face, I am always thinking about perplexing things that are oh so important. 

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Jean said...

And I thought my random thoughts were strange.

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