Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Science Says: “Drink Cheap Wine”

Well maybe the NPR article didn’t really say to “Drink Cheap Wine,” but it talks about a new study by Penn State.  This study finds that the “normal” person can’t fully appreciate the subtleties of wine or has the ability to identify it’s nuances like the wine experts can.  So why spend $50 on wine with a great review when you probably can’t tell the difference between that expensive wine and the $6 bottle from the grocery store?  This just reinforces my stand on saving money by drinking cheap wine.

Which brings me to my wine review of the week:

$7.99 (Costco), Twist Off, Italy
The back of the bottle says:
“Fonte al Sole is produced from grapes grown in the beautiful Tuscany region.  This medium bodied, ruby red wine reveals both structure and grace with a fragrant bouquet of plums and spicy hints and a soft, well balanced taste of ripe fruit.”

This definitely sounds like one of those super-taster wine expects wrote the description, and that they are very classy.  They must think the wine is also very classy.

Which made me feel uber classy while drinking it.  I held the glass with my pinky finger sticking out and spoke in a very sophisticated accent all night.  I even wore my eye glasses and read a book by the fire.  It was just great.

I thought this wine was very solid, for the “expensive” price of $7.99.  I was going to save this wine for a special occasion, but I got home the other night and Chef Jeff was using it in one of his recipes.  This gave me an excuse to have a glass.  Yum.  I thought this red blend was a great change to the typical Merlot or Cab Sav (I think I could tell a difference…. but I’m no expert).  I *think* I can identify the spicy hints but yet I can taste the bold fruit more easily.  This is a winner and it makes me feel nice and warm inside.  Or is that the fire I was sitting next to?

What is your favorite type of wine?  How much are you willing to spend?


Jean said...

I tried the last bottle of the $3.99 Charles Shaw (2 buck chuck) wine from my visit to Trader Joe's. I was not impressed with the cab or Shiraz, however the Merlot was okay, especially for the price. I still recommend the Crane Lake ($4.99) Pinot Noir and Petite Shiraz, worth paying the extra dollar.

CentsibleRunner said...

I'll have to get some of that Crane Lake wine. I am also not a fan of TJ's Charles Shaw wine, I want to be a fan, but it is just not good.

Alma said...

Hmm - thanks. I'll have to try it. Is it not too sweet? Not a fan of the sweets. Usually stick to about $10 bottles and try not to purchase foreign wines. Gotta stay true to my PNW vinters. Plus, some of those foreign ones (NZ esp), make my throat itch. Blech.

CentsibleRunner said...

This particular wine was definitely not too sweet for me, try it and let me know what you think (then I will know if I should serve it to friends)! I hear ya on sticking with PNW wines, that's all I drank while in Seattle, drink local! PNW wine selection is limited in Denver, bummer.

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