Sunday, March 11, 2012

“We’re off like a dirty shirt!!!”

**To make things more interesting on this internet blog thing, Jeff has kindly offered to write a post today!  Enjoy!**
This is the phrase that my uncle Tom O’Brien used to say quite often.  I always remember it because I think it’s a pretty cool and unique saying.  He had many many little sayings that he used all the time and will stay with me forever.  If Barb would be so kind to allow me to “guest blog” in the future, I will share some more.

Tom O’Brien was an avid marathon runner.  He lived in Sheboygan, WI with his wife (Aunt Pat).   Aunt Pat recently moved to St. Louis to be closer to family and resides there still today.  Tom passed away too early, but will forever be remembered by his family and closest friends.  He once told me, regarding running, every time I turn a corner, I think of someone else.  For example, he’d be running down a road, thinking of his wife, he’d turn left on another road and he would think of his mother.  He would then make another turn, and think of one of his foster children. 

Tom loved to run.  He ran several marathons, I’m positive it’s upward of 30, but I need to verify that number.  He would also create his own marathon course, around his house.  He would get up super early, around 3:30am, and begin his 26.2 miles.  He would place Coke cans along the route to help fuel him along the way.  He ran these marathons alone; not for the glory, not to impress someone, not just to say he did it, but he for himself.  He loved to run long distances, he loved to think, and he loved his family.  

So today Barb was telling me about this blog she follows, called “Shut Up and Run.”   It’s a pretty cool saying because there are times when I want to be lazy and just sit around and watch tv or not run.  It helps to motivate me to just shut up and run.  Anyway, it made me think of Tom and his positive outlook on life, and running.  So, next time your getting ready to go somewhere, try out his phrase, it can be fun to use, and contagious. 
With that being said, goodbye Barb’s blog for now, I’m off like a dirty shirt!” - Jeff

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