Monday, March 19, 2012

Elle the Nocturnal Creature

Elle is a strange little dog. 
wheresElleI jokingly refer to Elle as a rat.  If a DNA test was performed and it was confirmed she was a hybrid rat-dog, I would not be surprised.  Not only does she have rat-like physical attributes, but she also exhibits nocturnal behavior. 

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night.  I look over and see Elle sitting on Jeff’s chest staring at him.  It was so weird and really creepy!  I pretended to be asleep and continued to observe her behavior.  She continues to stare at Jeff (who is soundly asleep) and then walks around the bed and stops near me.  I close my eyes so she doesn’t know I am awake; I feel her cold little nose and warm breath on my face!  SOOO creepy!  Then I feel her sit on my pillow and her tail starts whipping me in the head.  What the hell, Elle?!? 

At this point I am trying so hard not to laugh.  She then starts swatting Jeff’s head with her paw like a freaking cat!  I refuse to partake in this little game so I continue to pretend to be asleep.  Now it is just a game of “Midnight Chicken” with Jeff.  Who will “wake” up first?!? 

What do we do, do we ignore her or cater to her nocturnal shenanigans?  If we ignore her, she will either A) burrow back under the covers and go back to sleep or B) get up and shit on the ground.  I vote ignore her and take my chance with shit on the floor in the morning. 

Jeff apparently doesn’t want to chance waking up to shit on the floor and caves to let out the little brat of a dog.  (Honestly, I think he walks in his sleep and doesn’t even know he is letting her out.  He also uses is as excuse to go have a midnight snack.)

Oh Elle, you are so bizarre and super annoying sometimes.  But I still love your little pea head and extra large eyes that pop out of your head.
IMG_0757 So Fast!

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