Who maintains this blog?

Who am I?

Grew up in Kansas City (on the Kansas side).

Went to college in Missouri.  Played DII soccer.  Graduated as a Geological Engineer.  Met my husband there (who was also a soccer player).
Lived and worked in Florida a little after college and played around in the ocean.  Got a dog (Italian Greyhound) there.  Wasn't a huge fan of the heat and humidity and missed the boyfriend (current husband).

Moved to St Louis (to be with the boyfriend). Got a second dog.  Started running (slowly).  Got married to the husband.

Moved to Seattle with the husband.  Got more into running (faster).
Moved to Denver where I currently reside and work at a job I love.  I get bored easily so I try to do a lot to keep entertained (hiking, camping, drinking beer, running, skiing...).

I'm a cheap engineer (hence the 'centsible').  I run (hence the 'runner').