Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Tempo Run

Jeff and I got in a Tempo Run tonight.  We went up to Crown Hill Park that has various running paths; a 1.2 mile inner loop and a 2.15 mile outer loop. 
mapWe started by warming up on the outer loop (2 mi), then did mile repeats (3X), and a cool down.  Here is what the workout looked like via the Garmin:
splits I felt pretty good today and it was good to get in a pseudo speedy run.  It will be fun to do this workout again (probably 4 repeats and progressively add more on as it gets close to June) and track my progress.  We also got to see a pretty sunset.
sunsetI like Tempo Runs because they make me feel fast.  I saw this (below) on another blog I follow, Awkward Engineer, and I totally have sprinted past a radar sign to see how high I could get the number.  In case you were wondering, I could not get the numbers that high. 
Do you like to push yourself in workouts?  Have you ever ran as fast as you could by a radar sign?

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