Saturday, March 31, 2012

A little advice to college grads… don’t be rude and ungrateful.

This week a friend contacted me inquiring about a company that his girlfriend’s sister had applied to for a job.  He said his gf’s sister was graduating from college and was having trouble finding a job.  Because her degree was related to the industry I work in, I was glad to help out.  Plus I know how hard it is to find a job, and especially for recent college graduates.  They are graduating in a tough and competitive job market so you have to get creative and persistent to find a job. 

I happened to have a friend at the company she applied to so I forwarded her resume along to the right people.  My friend immediately replied giving some information and passed the resume along.  I also responded to the girl (who I do not even know) asking specific questions on what she is interested in and to get more information about her degree so that I could pass her resume along within my company and give her ideas for who else to contact. 

And the response I get from her for taking time out of my busy life to help out someone I don’t know?….. NOTHING.  Not a even a thank you.  It’s been a week and I have not heard a single thing back from her.

This really chaps my a$$.  Obviously she doesn’t really want to find a job and she is clueless as to how to even find a job.  She was rude and ungrateful and has already made a negative impression on me.  If she even does respond to me, I will not respond or help her out.  Why would I want to help someone out that is rude and ungrateful?  Also, if I did help her out and somehow gets a job based on my recommendations…..then her performance reflects on me.  Nope not helping this one out.

College grads, take note…. jobs do not just fall into your lap.  You need connections and you need to be persistent and professional when searching for a job.  If people take their time to help you, show how grateful you are, even if nothing comes of it. 


Kate said...

Are you sure she got the email?

CentsibleRunner said...

Well I sent the email... and I can't imagine that she hasn't seen it. But who knows, maybe she is busy. But still....

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