Monday, March 26, 2012

A Window Seat for the Rats

Tonight Jeff and I went to the gym to workout because the wind was so ridiculous (up to 50 mph gusts) that we didn't want to run outside.  We lifted, ran 3 miles on the treadmill, and did 10 minutes of water running (because the pool was empty, I couldn’t let it sit unused!).

When we got home Jay and Elle were waiting in their new(ish) window seat.  It took them a few weeks to figure it out, but Jay and Elle now have a place to lounge in the sun while they act as Watch-Rats to protect our home.
Our Denver rental house has a bay window seat that would be prefect for the dogs, but the royalty pooches needed a comfortable place to lay.  So my mom took measurements of the nook and cut a foam pad to perfectly to fit into place (very impressed by her skills).  When she was recently in town, we went to the fabric store and picked out the least girly fabric I could find (seriously, I think they only have feminine floral patterns there).  She made a cover with the fabric that has elastic so I can take it off easily to wash. 

So now when you walk by our house you stared at by the half blind dog (when he is awake) while the black and white runt yaps obnoxiously and throws herself against the window in a fury.  Thanks Mom, you have now made us the house that kids will hate to walk by ;) But the Rats are extremely grateful and are so happy with their new window seat!!

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Jean said...

I am so glad the window seat is working so well and that the dogs have something to do during the day. Now find some material for placemats and table runner.

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