Thursday, March 29, 2012

Running with Asthma

I haven’t had trouble with asthma in a very long time (like since I lived in St. Louis 3 years ago).  I haven’t had to use my daily inhaler OR my rescue inhaler in over a year and I have felt invincible!  I even declared myself healed of asthma and never bring my inhaler on runs anymore! 

Then tonight happened…..that little $hit called Asthma decided to come back into my life.  F U asthma and the way you make me feel like someone is sitting on my chest and forcing me to breathe out of straw.  Goshdarnit, I guess I’m going to have to dust off those inhalers and get myself back on the drugs.   
inhalerAnd I’ll have to start carrying that blasted inhaler every time I run.  Inhalers are SO awkward and there is never a pocket that is quite right for them.  I need to make a special inhaler pocket to sew or Velcro into my shorts.  That would make me so cool. 

Maybe the speedwork/hills and all the smoke from all the Colorado forest fires contributed to tonight’s asthmatic episode.  Either way, I feel like a walking turd right now and am disappointed I didn’t get in the workout I set out to do.  In fact my workout was so haphazard; 2 mile warm up, 3X hill repeats, 2X800s, 3X hill repeats.  I figure it won’t make me slow, but who knows if this crazy made-up workout will make me faster.

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osman Cueto said...

i loved this blog post, i found it really interesting. i am doing my senior thesis about asthma and awareness for adults would it be alight if were to email you a few questions about how you deal with it?
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