Thursday, March 1, 2012

What to Wear??

I’m on my way to San Francisco tonight for work training.  I had a bit of trouble deciding what to pack. 
First of all, I work in a male dominated industry.  Secondly, many of the said males are scientifically minded (read: socially inept) and dress in a wide spectrum of fashion choices.  Some wear jeans and a ratty shirt (with exposed chestal hairs, yuck), others wear khakis and a polo, and a few wear button-ups with slacks.  When it comes to fashion, I’m sure all they worry about is whether or not their shirt is inside out and if their fly is zipped.
Where do I fit into this fashion spectrum, how should I dress??

I don’t want to look too young, wear something too trendy, or look too nice; but I also don’t want to look like a scrub that doesn’t care.  To top it off, many of the “big-wigs” will be at this training so I’d like to make a good impression.  UGH, it is SO much easier to be a guy in these instances!  Why am I even spending so much time thinking about this…..

I decided to go with comfortably nice choices; things I would wear to work but things I could also go out to Happy Hour in.  For example nice trouser jeans and a long sleeved top with flat shoes for one day and a cotton dress with leggings and tall boots the other day.  Oh well, I really can’t go too wrong. I mean, like I said, most of them are all socially inept and won’t even pay much attention to how I am dressed anyway.
Notice I also packed my running clothes.  I hope to get in a run every day because the hotel is really close to the San Francisco Bay Trail that goes on for miles and miles!  Wooo hoooo for running in a different city (and in a city that does not have 20 mph wind and 30 degree weather right now)!


Jean said...

Your father wants to be sure that you think about being safe, especially since you are in "San Franfreako", directly from his mouth. Enjoy your stay and I know you will impress the Big bosses.

CentsibleRunner said...

Tell "Safety Phil" that safety is always at the forefront of my mind. He managed to instill that in me. Also tell him that I'll take running around "San Franfreakans" over Ozark hillbillies.....

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