Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saturday Long Run followed by Soccer!

Jeff and I got in our long run Saturday morning, 10 miles at a 7:43 pace.  We ran the first 6 miles at an 7:55 pace and the last 4 miles at a 7:15 pace (just a bit slower than my goal half marathon pace).  Slowly we are building our mileage base and will get up to 20 miles by June.  Gotta love the long progression of training for the marathon!  The marathon itself is not hard compared to the commitment of training for the 26.2 miles.

Oh I wanted to share my love of Lululemon running shorts.  That place is ridiculously expensive and way over-priced so I try not to go there often, but I found the Lululemon outlet north of Seattle and allowed myself a splurge now and again.  Their running shorts have the most practical pockets on the front inseams perfect for GU.  I wish ALL running shorts had this function!
It was a beautiful day in Denver and we had sunny 50 degree weather.  I enjoyed every mile of the run and felt pretty good.  When we got back from the run we immediately showered and got ready because we were going to the Colorado Rapids game!  Our friend invited us to meet at a soccer pub where you catch a bus to the soccer stadium.  It was actually the Bulldog Supporters Group bus and they were practicing the songs the whole ride there. 
rapids1It was pretty funny hearing a bunch of adults sing out of tune songs about soccer.  It was sort of fun, I have to admit.  We got to the stadium which was east of downtown Denver and had some beers and food at the Bulldog supporters group tailgate.  They had a Cajun theme and their gumbo was pretty good.  They had cool beer on tap and even a few Jell-O shots.
IMG_1508It was a fun group of people!  We got to our GA seats at the north end of the stadium and watched the Rapids beat the Columbus Crew 2-0 in their home opener.
rapids2The Rapids game was really fun and we got meet some great new people.  We will definitely be doing this again.

I do have to admit, we will really miss the Seattle Sounders games.  Seattle is way more into soccer and the Rapids atmosphere was way different than at Sounders games.  It was still a great time but when Seattle is in town, we will wear our Sounders jerseys proudly.

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