Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stocked the Bar

Who needs to go out when you have this in the basement:
(Yes, those are mini-bottles ready to be stocked away in my purse when I do venture out.)

Our little bar area is FINALLY set up and stocked with the wine we picked up on our road trip and various cheap wines that we just picked up at Costco.  Oh and also some liquor, including some Bushmills Irish honey whiskey that Jeff can't wait to try.

I plan on giving you a review of each wine (and how much each cost) as a part of the upcoming Thirstday installment of this blog.  Unfortunately I am not trained in wine tasting so my reviews will probably be something like this:

"This wine was red.  I drank it out of a glass.  I liked it because it made me giggle and feel warm inside.  I drank the whole bottle, whoops."

We also stocked up on Colorado beer to try. I wonder how it will compete with the amazing Northwest beers we grew accustomed to.....

Who wants to come over and hang out??

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