Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clueless Path Hoggers

You want to know what really chaps my a$$.... people who take up an entire bike/jogging path and are clueless to the fact that they are being selfish, rude, and unsafe.

I understand that not all people who utilize a bike/jogging path are biking and/or jogging and that many people use these paths for leisurely strolls.  I think it is great that they are out there enjoying the outdoors and getting in a walk, really I do.  BUT get a freaking clue and don't walk side by side with your bff and your stroller and your 3 out-of-control dogs on retractable leashes taking up the ENTIRE path!

For example, I am running around the Sloans Lake path and up ahead I see two women walking side by side (taking up the entire path) with their strollers full of bratty annoying children (this is an assumption and not confirmed) and their golden retrievers on retractable leashes zigzagging all of there place.  I am running at a 7:30 pace and don't want to be stopped by this behavior.

So I do the *cough* the *STOMP* and finally call out "on your left."  The DUM DUMS act surprised that I am coming up from behind (I mean they must OWN this path?!?), don't know what to do, and split apart in utter confusion.  I slowly walk between them and proceed to start jogging again.... suddenly one of their stupid dogs darts in front of me tangling up my legs with the gosh darn retractable leash!

Next time I am taking those beotches out.  With no warning, I'm going to get up to full speed and tackle them from behind.  That will teach them jogging path etiquette.  And they won't know what hit them, really they won't know because I weight 120 lbs and have the tackling strength of a wet noodle. 

Give me empty trails with no clueless humans......


Alma said...

Argh! One of my biggest pet peeves! I love dogs but not tangled around my legs.

CentsibleRunner said...

The running path along Alki Beach is the worst on a sunny day!!! That is my favorite place to run, but I just make sure I go really early to avoid path hoggers :)

Kate said...

I really really hate it when these said people are running races and taking up the entire path. I also hate it when they are in front of me at the mall. or on the sidewalk going into work. or in front of me at the airport. or.... ok I'll stop now.

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