Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back to Reality

No more Hawaiian vacations.  No more Road Trips.
Sorry there has been a lack in posts, I was lacking internet access, and free time.

We made it to Denver February 1, at the same time our trailer full of stuff arrived.  There are no Bank of America banking centers in Colorado, only gas station ATMs.  We paid our first month's rent in cash (he would not accept a personal check) and the gas station ATM only issued $20 bills.  Our landlord thinks we are drug dealers. Embarrassing.

We got the trailer completely unloaded Thursday.  A snowstorm hit Friday, dumping more than a foot of snow in Denver.

Jeff had to shovel the yard so our rats would go to the bathroom; the snow was deeper than they are tall.  They don't like snow because they have no fat or fur.  Like is rough being an Italian Greyhound.

Life is also rough being a half-blind Italian Greyhound; Jay now has to learn his new surroundings.  Luckily he hasn't fallen down the stairs or injured himself running into something....yet.  The freaky one, Elle, sticks to her comfort zone buried beneath blankets, only emerging when she smells food or hears the doorbell.

Jeff's parents arrived Friday night.  My parents arrived Saturday night.

I turned 30.

Mizzou beat KU :(

The Giants won the Super Bowl.

Both the parents returned to their respective cities on Monday, and I started work back up in my new office location in Lakewood, CO.

Haven't been running since the amazing trail run last Tuesday.  I will run tonight, yes I will.  I feel gross.

Back to Reality really stinks.  I wanna quit work, sell all my stuff, buy a RV and drive around to beautiful destinations, running every day in a different location.  One can dream.....

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