Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paid for Races = Must Start Official Training

Jeff and I just signed up for two races:

April 15, 2012
GO! St Louis Half Marathon
June 9, 2012
Utah Valley Marathon

This means we officially need to start training!  Jeff and I hope to PR in both races.  I know if we stick with how we have been running, it won't be a problem.  Should I put our goal times up on the this blog for all to see??

There are also two half marathons in the Denver area that we will most likely run to use as "training" races:

April 7, 2012
The Redline Westminster Half Marathon
May 20, 2012
The Colorado Colfax Half Marathon

I like running races a few weeks prior to the "official" races that I am trying to PR in.  I usually run the first half of these races a bit slower than the goal pace and then the last half at goal pace.  It is a good way to build confidence and to verify you are where you need to be.  Plus it is good to practice what you will wear and how you plan on eating and drinking.


Jean said...

Can't you find a race in the KC area? What about running in the caves? I know there are some races there, good temperature, no wind, or other weather conditions.

CentsibleRunner said...

Oh hello there Mother, finally figured out how to comment? :) I did find a few races in KC; thinking of coming to KC to run this one dressed as a cow: Will you help me make the costume?

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