Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Long Run

Just got back from my weekly long run.  Jeff and I both got in 8 miles.  I felt incredible today, ran an average 7:40 pace (didn't mean to go that fast, I just let myself go with what felt good).  Somehow I lost Jeff, and he lost himself.  Luckily I found him later (he took a wrong turn).

Before we headed out Jeff and I weren't really sure what to wear.  So we took the dogs on a walk to see if we were over or under dressed:
It was definitely a pants and gloves/hat sort of day.  And apparently it was also the kind of day where you wear a knot on the very top of your head......
We ran from our house to the Clear Creek Trail and did an out and back.  The trail goes for miles and miles and connects to various other trails.  So we are set when it comes to long runs!

The long run song of the day is...... "Somebody the I Used to Know" by Goyte.  I have been obsessed with this song for about 3 months now and it never gets old to me.  There are so many great parts and pieces to it.
My post run reward is a Sweat Betty blonde ale brewed by Boulder Beer Company, absolutely DELICIOUS.
Notice the medals in the background.  Jeff and I hung all of our marathon medals right by the front door and it is the last thing we see before we head out.... motivation!

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