Monday, February 27, 2012

How I Got Faster

I started out to just run; to get in the miles and to complete the distance at hand.  I started out struggling to maintain a 9 min per mile pace and didn't know what tempo or fartlek or hill repeats meant.  Then running began to get easier and my pace started dropping.  My most recent race in December I ran a 7 min per mile pace for 13.1 miles.  To get there, I pushed myself at the track, sprinted up hills, and ran faster for progressively greater distances.

It is fun to see yourself improve and to witness how hard work pays off.  There is no greater feeling than to commit yourself to training and then run a race faster than you expected to run.... and to feel good while doing it.
I like to keep my training relatively simple and  I make up my own plan by combining several different training plans found on the internet.

Quality over quantity is my motto.

I get in 3 main running workouts every week:
- 1 tempo workout,
- 1 speed or hill workout, and
- 1 long run.
The other 2-3 days, I cross train or get in easy mileage at various distances based on how I feel or what I have time for.  I ALWAYS take 1 day a week off from any activity to rest.  I also listen to my body and if I am overly tired or sore, I take a day off.  You can't run if you are injured!

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