Friday, February 17, 2012

One Bad Night a Week

Jeff and I have been very good lately about eating healthy and working out consistently.... and not eating out.

Then tonight happened.

We got dressed and headed to the Rec Center to get in a good workout.  BUT we got there and they were closing (apparently it closes Friday at 6:30).  It was a sign that Jeff and I must go out to eat.  And indulge in something naughty.

We have been eye-ing a particular local fast food Mexican American joint called Bubba Chinos.  We met the owner, Leonard, last week at the Rec Center while working out.  Not only does he have a great first name, he owns Bubba Chinos and told us to stop by to try it out.

Tonight was the night.  Leonard happened to be there and he introduced us to some highly caloric and fattening, but absolutely DELICIOUS, food!  We ordered the Cochino Burrito (grilled burrito with egg, steak, potato, cheese, and salsa) and the Tony V Tacos (fried tacos with shredded beef and cheese).  While we were waiting, he starts hooking us up with some things to try: loaded steak fries, chips and salsa, and a Cochino sandwich.
I think Leonard thinks I am too small and is trying to force feed me fat.  He even tried to give me an IV drip full of lard.  He is a good man that Leonard.

We took the remainder of our food home and finished it off in front of the TV like every good American family would.  We are on the fast track to obesity if we continue down this road.
Needless to say, tomorrow we will be running either a tempo run or a long run to burn off these calories.  Until then, we will park our bottoms on the couch for a movie.

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