Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mr. Poopy Paws

Like every other morning I had to wake the royalty pooches from their slumber and force them outside to do their business.  After Jay got in a morning dump, he proceeded to turn around and step in his own poop!  He didn't step in it and act disgusted, instead he let his little paw linger because I think he enjoyed the warm sensation and disgustingly fragrant odor.  SO GROSS.

Then Mr. Poopy Paws pranced happily up to me like he was proud that he had poop all over his paw.  Maybe he was being a prankster and wanted to wake up Jeff by putting his poopy paw in Jeff's face? Although that would have been funny, I didn't let this happen and uneventfully picked Jay up and cleaned off his poopy paw.  

The End.

Maybe I should start making him wear shoes again:

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