Monday, February 20, 2012

Entertainment at the Rec Center

I really like working out at the Rec Center, mostly because of all the freak shows that work out there.  There is always entertainment at the Rec Center.

For example, while running on the treadmill, out of the corner of my eye I see Mr. Rocky Runner.  He's sprinting on the treadmill punching his fists like he is training to fight Ivan Drago or something.  I really wanted him to crank the incline up and then all of a sudden stop and victoriously put his arms in the air.
Unfortunately he noticed me staring at him and continued to run like a normal person.  Boring.

I then had to focus my attention on the Westminster Best in Show competition that was showing on the TV.  This interesting specimen pops up on the screen and I burst out laughing:
A wirehaired dachshund made it to the finals, seriously?!?  What happened to it's legs??  Why does it have a goatee??  I realize Jeff is giving me a strange look because I am way into the Westminster Dog Show and people are now staring at me.

In case you are wondering, a Pekingese by the name of Malachy was the winner.  He is also an interesting specimen and looks like the love child of E.T. and a dust mop.
Jeff and I finished out our 3 miles on the treadmill, lifted, did some core work, and then relaxed in the hot tub with some other interesting Rec Center people (so many freak shows.....).

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