Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stella Pinot Grigio Review

I really have no business reviewing wine.  In fact, if you put all the various types of wine in front of me in a blind taste test, I would fail miserably.  I just know if I like something or if I don't.

Honestly, the only reason I am doing posts on wine is so I remember which wines to go back and purchase and which to stay away from.

So lets start off with.....

Stella, Pinot Grigio, 2010
$6.99 (Costco), Twist Top, 12% alcohol, Umbira, Italy
The back of the bottle says:
"Stella means 'star' in Italian & this star Pinot Grigio is handcrafted in the beautiful region of Umbria. The vineyards are sprinkled between medieval watchtowers, fortresses & castles & the region's volcanic soil adds distinctive characteristics to this flavorful wine."

First of all, a description of wine that includes geology and medieval references is my kind of wine.  After reading this, I immediately started referring to Jeff as "My Lord" and would only respond to him if he called me "My Lady."  (This is also a Game of Thrones reference.... I will do a post on that amazing series another time, in the meantime, either go read the book or watch the show on HBO)

This wine was refreshing and went down really smoothly.  It was the type of wine that reminded me of summers and drinking outside on a patio.  It had hints of citrus, but was not too sweet.

Jeff's first reaction was "I could chug this entire bottle."  Although we didn't chug the bottle, it did disappear very quickly.  It was really good.

I would not feel embarrassed serving this wine at a party (especially if the people didn't know how cheap it was).  If I had a rating system, it would be rated highly.  I'll work on making up a rating system for next time.

(By the way, I will only be reviewing wines that are less than $10. If you have any favorites that are in that category, send me a message!!!)

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