Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rock Chalk Jayhawk.... and the Long Run

Yesterday the Kansas Jayhawks defeated the Missouri Tigers 87-86 in overtime.  It was a great rivalry game and the Jayhawks made a huge comeback to get to overtime and then pulled off the win.  I love college basketball and games like this are why.  I can't wait for the conference tournaments and then March Madness!!!

I also got in my long run yesterday.  Jeff and I ran 9.5 miles at a 7:50 pace.  Jeff said it was the first time he has felt great in a run in a long time (YAY, he is back in shape!!).  I felt like poop, but you have days like that.  The last half of our run the crazy Denver wind picked up and every time we headed west the wind was in our faces.  Not normal wind, but wind that knocks your hat off and kicks up dirt in your face.  We were glad to be done and even cut the run short 1/2 a mile because of it.

I underestimated the temperature and was overdressed.  I had to take my long sleeved shirt off 4 miles in and I wish I was in shorts and a tank top.  I also started to bonk at 5 miles and needed my GU 45 minutes in. Thank goodness I had the GU, it gave me the kick I needed!
(this is not from my run yesterday, it is from when I was in Utah.  It is the only GU picture I have.  Orange Vanilla is my favorite flavor.  It tastes like a Dreamsicle!) 

If you are a distance runner and run anything longer than a hour, you should really start taking GU. Take it every 45 minutes during a long run.  I improved tremendously when I learned how to eat while running.  I can't say enough good things about GU products.

Jeff made a good playlist and that also helped keep my mind off not feeling great.  My long run song of the day is by Band of Horses, "The General Specific."  It has a great beat and is a fun song that just makes you feel good.  Jeff's brother introduced me to the song and it is another one that never gets old.

After the run we refueled with a few Boulder Beers and Bubba Chinos cheesy steak fries and burritos while we watched the basketball game.  We then were a lame old couple and watched two movies last night (Ides of March and The Adjustment Bureau, both good movies) and went to bed.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!!

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