Friday, January 20, 2012

Why call this thing "The Centsible Runner?"

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while and am using the big move and my travels as an excuse to start one up.  But after I get settled back into reality, the blog will turn into what I really intend it to be; a place for me to spew my thoughts on running, life, and doing what I love on the cheap.  I want to show that I can still do a lot of really awesome things without breaking the bank.

I also want this blog to help hold me accountable for my running and training.  I want to see how fast I can run and want to track how I got from being a 4:47 marathoner in 2007 to running a 3:23 marathon in October 2011 and hopefully by the end of 2012 I can run a marathon under 3:15.

And I'm sure I will discuss the rat dogs (Italian Greyhounds, Jay and Elle) and all their neurotic behavior disorders.  Maybe Elle and I can actually win a 5K this year, last year she ruined a top 3 finish because she just had to stop to poop 100 feet from the finish.


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