Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Art of Dog Sneaking

Jeff and I got back from Hawaii yesterday morning at 4:30 am and immediately packed up Terry Trailblazer (yes, we name our vehicles) for our road trip to Denver.  One little kink, the trailer with all of our belongings was still parked in our driveway and was NOT on its way to Denver.  Apparently ABF doesn't like bad weather.  It SHOULD be on its way today.... lets hope.

We picked up the little rat dogs and headed for Eugene, OR.  Every time I drove it started to torrential downpour.

We stayed at a hotel in Eugene that doesn't allow dogs.  So like every good citizen, we decided to wrap our rat dogs in towels and sneak them in.
Is that a sleeping child? No, its Jay!  

We are off to run on the Prefontaine Memorial Trail here in Eugene.  I hear that it will automatically shave 10 minutes off your next marathon time.  Score.

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