Saturday, January 28, 2012

Drive, Taste, Drive.....

Thursday morning we got in a 4 mile run in Santa Rosa at a 7:25 per mile pace.  It was one of those runs that I felt awful, and whenever I feel like crud for some reason I want to go faster to be done quicker.  Jeff felt great and helped push me, it's nice having him as a running partner again!

We got lunch at a taco truck.  Absolutely DELICIOUS!  Food out of a truck, although it may not be sanitary, always tastes better to me.
Let me tell you a thing or two about Mexican food.  What we had in the Midwest is smothered in refried beans, sour cream, and nacho cheese; this is not Mexican.  Real Mexican is fresh and much better, in my opinion.  I always get the tacos; chicken, pork, and steak on flour tortillas with cilantro, onions, radishes, and fresh salsa.
Jeff got the burrito which was the best burrito we have ever tried.  He couldn't even put it down to smile for a photo.
We then continued on through Wine Country.  Gorgeous gorgeous Wine Country, with delicious wine.
We stopped at two wineries that were right off Highway 12, Kenwood and Valley of the Moon.  We had printed off coupons for these two wineries for a free tasting and 20% off wine purchases, score.  We now have 8 bottles of really good wine to serve to people that visit Denver.....
We definitely want to come back to Sonoma and Napa and stay for a long weekend.  It was beautiful with sooo many wineries. It lives up to the hype!


Lara said...

I love reading your blog, Barb! You are hilarious! Looks like you guys are living life to the fullest. Enjoy!

CentsibleRunner said...

Hi Lara, you are my first commentor, glad you are enjoying reading my ramblings :) Great to hear from you and now that I know you have a blog, I will have another one to follow!

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