Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Loneliest Road

This morning I woke up feeling very haggard after our night out in Reno.  I'm too old for that behavior.

We left Reno and took Hwy 50 across Nevada and soon understood why it is called "The Loneliest Road."  But it has been one of our favorite days of the road trip.  There is so much history (Donner Party, Pony Express) and it is really amazing at how few people live in Nevada and how big and beautiful the state is.  The quiet and driving without traffic was refreshing.
One of my coworkers takes a road trip to Nevada every year and gave me some spots to check out along the way.  The first place was the shoe tree where you bring an old pair of shoes to tie into a tree that is covered with tons of shoes.  I had our two old pairs of shoes all ready, unfortunately I was in la-la land and totally missed it.  Shoe Tree Fail, very very sad. Tomorrow we will make our own new shoe tree.

The second place my coworker recommended was a random group of hot springs about 7 miles off the highway in the middle of the desert with nothing else around.  Somehow we actually found it.  It was so random.  But so glad we did, it was awesome!
There were these make-shift "hot tubs" randomly scattered with campsite fire pits.  The natural hot water flows into the tubs. We are definitely coming back to camp here, it is very unique!
The water was really hot and we didn't have time to cool it off.  Jeff could take the heat for a minute but I couldn't even dip my toes in.
So I just did my best model impression and sat on the edge with a rat dog.  I'm so weird.
We continued east across Nevada until Ely, Nevada where we are staying for the night.  Tomorrow we will get in a run here in Ely and then continue east into Utah.

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