Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The New Shoe Tree

Jeff and I both ran on the treadmill today.  Jeff felt great and got in 5 miles, I only got in 4 miles because my lungs were burning, probably due to the higher elevations.  I gotta get used to this....

We continued west and made it to Utah before noon.  Hwy 50 turned into I-70 and we headed for Moab, UT.

At mile marker 105 off I-70 East there was a viewpoint rest stop.  This is where we started our own shoe tree.  Jeff had an old pair of indoor soccer shoes and I had an old pair of running shoes.  Jeff successfully threw his shoes perfectly over a top branch.  I threw my shoes and they awkwardly landed in the middle of the tree where you couldn't see them.  Ugh.
So the next time you drive across Utah, stop off at the 105 mile marker viewpoint rest stop and throw your old shoes in this tree just adjacent to the off-ramp.  Ok?  This is going to be the next big deal, I just know it.

Elle also found a good perch to take in the sites.  Yes, she is wearing a full bodysuit.  She hates wearing it, but it was cold.  When she wears that thing she bounces around rather than walking and constantly stops and rolls around to scratch her back.
We also started paying normal prices for gas, not the over inflated prices that we saw in Seattle and in California.  Hello $3.07 per gallon prices.
The drive through Utah is beautiful.  We made it to Moab by dinner.

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