Friday, January 20, 2012

Running as a Form of Transportation

In lieu of a rental car to see the sights on Honolulu, Jeff and I opted to do some running to get around town.

The final destination was Pearl Harbor, approx. 11 miles from our hotel.  In 80 degree weather, that was a bit far.  So we ran about 5.5 miles and then took a city bus the remainder of the way.
We ran through the University of Hawaii campus and stopped to get a bite to eat at the bus stop.  We got some high quality gas station food and tried a Manapua.  Those little puffs of goodness are DELICIOUS. I don't really know what was in them, some sort of mystery meat.
We took the bus to the Pearl Harbor visitor's center and did the USS Arizona tour which included a movie and a boat ride to the memorial.

It was during the movie that I realized nobody wanted to sit next to us and kept covering their noses when we got too close.  Running 5 miles in 80 degree sunny weather made us very sweaty.  To top it off I forgot deodorant. In fact, I didn't even want to be around us, we smelled disgusting.  We then rode the bus back to the hotel and even the homeless man was offended by our stench.  

Maybe running as a form of transportation wasn't the best of ideas.  

Jeff is currently washing our running clothes in the sink.

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