Monday, January 23, 2012

Last Day on O'ahu

Woke up to the sun and waves at Turtle Bay and got in one last hot and humid run before we return to the cold, rain, and snow.  We struggled with the 3.5 miles, maybe it was all that beer we consumed on the beach yesterday and into the night.
We loaded up in the coolest rental car known to man, the Dodge Caliber, and drove down the east, or Windward, side of the island.  We got some local grub; Lau Lau, spiced/smoked pork, clear noodle thingy with chicken, macaroni salad, and some sort of fried potato thing.  Obviously I was paying attention to what we ordered.  We ate at a roadside park with this fugly view.
And ate some Hawaiian Shaved Ice with vanilla ice cream at another roadside beach with more tragic views. Why have I never combined ice cream with slushees or shaved ice, WHY?!?  It is so good.  Jeff and I kept fighting over bites, we should have never tried to share.
We finally made it to the airport where we are now waiting for our red-eye back to Seattle.  Lets hope I won't have to sit next to any overweight, smelly, chatty, or snoring humans... or crying babies.  Goodbye Hawaii, I will miss you!

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