Saturday, January 21, 2012

Relaxin' on the North Shore

Left behind the city and headed up to the North Shore today. Jeff and I stopped a few times and hung out with a very old creature:
I don't think he was ever a Ninja because he looked annoyed when I asked him about Shredder.  

We saw some of his buddies swimming around and spent about 15 minutes trying to get a picture of a "turtle head poking out" all the while giggling like 12 year olds.  Mature.  This is the best I could capture:

We arrived at our hotel, Turtle Bay Resort.  Our room is right on the beach and this is our view:
The sound of waves is all we can hear.  Heaven.  

We hit up the fitness center and ran 3 miles and lifted.  Then promptly headed to the shrimp trucks for some grub.
We also picked up some beer and headed back to our hotel room and ate our shrimp and rice plates.
Oh and we also got in another one of those sunset things.  
Now just laying in bed listening to the waves. Resting up to get in a long run tomorrow.

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