Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Klondike Bluff Trail Run, Moab, UT

Jeff and I got up this morning and decided to get in a long run on a mountain bike trail outside Moab, UT.  I got on the internet and found the Klondike Bluff Trail, an out and back 8+ mile trail that ends at a viewpoint in Arches National Park.

Darn it, I loved it, I loved trail running.  Just another thing I'm going to have to get into.....
It was a brisk cool morning but once we got running, we warmed up quickly.  The trail was a mix of dirt paths  and giant sandstone boulders.
The trail was well marked so we never got lost or were unsure of where we were going.  The trail ended and we got a great view into Arches National Park.
There were the typical rock stacks that you add a rock to when you pass by.  We each added a rock.
We got in 8+ miles and it was awesome being out in the middle of the desert with nobody else around.  It was very relaxing and mind clearing.  Can't wait to do more trail running!!!!  Now off to Arches National Park and onto Colorado......


Chari said...

Hello! I have to say, what a great life! Where do you actually live these days? I am truly enjoying the comments and photos of where you have been! Your marathon times are incredible! My best was just at Disney at 3:43. Still working in better times! Great job on the website and enjoy your life! You guys rock!

Chari - from soccer - way back when!

CentsibleRunner said...

Hi Chari! Great to hear from you!!! I have been living in Seattle the last 2+ years but en route to Colorado where Jeff and I are moving. I'm working the same job just in a city closer to home.
I'm so glad you are reading the blog; I hope to keep it up after we get settled and talk more about running.
3:43 is awesome... BQ!??! Keep up the great work, its so much fun to get faster, isnt' it??

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