Saturday, January 21, 2012

Diamond Head Closes?

Next up, Diamond Head.

Yesterday evening Jeff and I tried to catch a bus to take us to the crater park, but as we are finding out, the buses here are not that reliable like they are in Seattle.  Instead we walked the 2.5 miles to get to the trail head to watch the sunset from the top of Diamond Head.  We even stopped and grabbed some wine to drink at the top (ah, how cute, right?).
After going through the volcano (I thought that tunnel was really cool), there was the park entrance in the Diamond Head crater.  Apparently the Diamond Head trail closes at 5 PM..... it was 5:45PM.  FAIL.  I wanted to sneak around and run quickly past the gate but Jeff told me that was not appropriate and that I am not as speedy as I think I am.

We turned around and walked back down to catch the sunset from Waikiki Beach and to drink our wine from a brown paper bag.
Classy and totally appropriate.  And yes, you are correct, that is a a very small bottle of wine. Jeff won't let me get a real bottle because I have no self control and would drink it all in one gulp and then fall asleep.

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