Sunday, January 22, 2012

Long Run Sunday

Jeff and I got up and ran 8 miles around the Turtle Bay Resort.  Most of the run was through the various golf courses.
I kept trying to run on the golf cart paths but Jeff yelled at me and told me I was being a dumb dumb and that golf balls can kill you.  Point taken.  I went back on the running paths and found a crazy tree.
Then we saw a different view of where we were staying and I took the opportunity for a rest and a photo op.
For lunch, it was back to a different shrimp truck and then to the beach to watch surfers and finish our 6 pack of beer.
A nice  relaxing day.  

Tomorrow we return to Seattle via a red-eye flight.  We will pick up the little rats and begin our Road Trip.  I miss those little rats and I'm sure they miss us too.

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