Friday, January 27, 2012


Jeff and I woke up Thursday and ran 5 miles in Eureka, CA.  I'm sure the views there are amazing, but the rain and fog were so bad we couldn't see much.  Bummer.  We ran along the water.  Eureka seems to be a fishing town and we ran right along fishery row.  Horrible stinky fishy smells the entire 5 miles.  Gag.

I did get a few photos during the run.  I wish they were scratch and sniff so you could smell the awfulness.
We also saw a lot of cool Victoria houses.  But really all I see in this picture is my obnoxious Garmin GPS watch.  I am addicted to that thing so I can track every single mile I run.

We left Eureka and continued south on Highway 101.......

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