Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Winter is Coming

All I have been hearing all weekend is “Winter is Coming.”  I thought everyone was talking about the Season 2 of the Game of Thrones on HBO.  But even the local news warned…. “Winter is Coming.”  Wow they are hip with the medieval times, nice work local news, I love Game of Thrones too!

But then today I woke up to SNOW!  What the heck?!?  I guess they were serious.  Winter Came.

Good thing I didn’t pack up my winter clothes.  Geez.  Crazy spring weather, your extreme changes are almost as bad as my mood swings.  Make up your mind Mother Nature, are we in summer or winter?  Where is spring? 

This past weekend I was playing in the park in shorts and a tank top sweating like it was the summer.  During the weekend runs, I was feeling the effects of the heat on my lungs and legs.  And today, SNOW!

  weatherDespite the cooler temperature and the slushy white stuff, Jeff and I headed out for a run.  We got in a tempo(ish) run.  I need to work on my tempo-ing, I’m not very consistent nor am I going as fast as I’d like to be.  But at least I didn’t go into an asthmatic episode today!

tempoOh and I am still in mourning over the KU loss last night in the National Championships.  They almost came back at the end, but Kentucky is just too dang good.  And their 3 best players are freshmen?!  But they will all probably head to the NBA so Kentucky will have to relay on their coach and his amazing recruiting abilities to bring in more ridiculous freshmen for next year.

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