Saturday, April 21, 2012

Red Wine Fights Weight Gain? I’ll drink to that!

There was a recent article that says red wine may fight weight gain.  It says “Piceatannol, a compound found in red wine, is responsible for the delay of fat absorption. The compound reduces fat cell formation by blocking the effect of insulin on cells, the researchers say.”  I’ll drink to that!  So I went down to our selection of wines and picked out a wine to drink last night while watching a movie.

Marcus James, Malbec (no year), $4.99 (Costco), Cork, Mendoza, Argentina
The back of the bottle says:
“Abundant sunshine and the right amount of rainfall ensure that the grapes used to create Marcus James Malbec reach their full potential.  Deep red in color with subtle tannins, plum-like flavor with notes of anise.  This wine has a soft, lush structures that ages well.  Enjoy this wine alone or with hearty steaks and roasts.”

First of all, as I was writing this it seems familiar.  I looked back in my other reviews and sure enough the Marcus James Merlot sounded very similar.  Get creative Marcus James, don’t copy your wine labels for all wines!! 

Jeff and I enjoyed this wine alone as their bottle directed.  We enjoyed this Malbec very much.  The guy at Costco had recommended we let it “breathe” for 30 minutes (whatever that means), so I just opened it and let it sit there.  I thought the smell did change a bit because when I first opened it it smelled really sweet but when I drank it the sweetness wasn’t there.  It was smooth and like always went down quickly and once again the bottle of wine was gone before we know it.

This is a very tasty wine for the $5 price, I definitely recommend this one!

Oh and I have been listening to an Icelandic group lately called Of Monsters and Men.  They remind me of The Head and the Heart and I really like them.  Check them out:
They are going to be in Denver at the end of May and I definitely want to see them live!

Well I’m off to get in a little run and then am headed up to the mountains to get in a day of skiing!  WOOO HOOO there was actually snow this week and I can’t wait to get in one last day of skiing!


B. Jarosz said...

Just found your blog via Alma's...
Any excuse for a glass of wine is a good excuse in my book.

CentsibleRunner said...

Me too, I love a glass or wine or beer or margarita....I disregard any studies or articles that says drinking is bad for you, I only listen to ones that encourage it.

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