Saturday, April 7, 2012

Highlands Happy Hour Hop

Yesterday was so windy that I could hardly walk without getting blown over, so how could I possibly run?  Jeff and I made an unanimous decision to take the night off…. and headed out to partake in a Highlands Happy Hour Hop.  (This was not an organized event, it was just Jeff and I, but I love to make things sound more important than they are.) 

I absolutely LOVE the hours that are happy.  You can get some good deals on food and drink, plus you can get your drinking and eating in early (and thus go to bed early).  Most happy hours are from 3-6 so to take full advantage of the time, I had to leave work a little early.  We went to the Highlands area where there were 4 restaurants close together, perfect for our Happy Hour Hop.


First stop, Meade Street Station.  They didn’t have any food deals, but we each had a $3 pint.  I got a New Belgium Dig Pale Ale, it was more hoppy than a traditional pale ale but very refreshing.  Jeff got an O’Dell Brewing Co. IPA.  We liked this bar and will definitely come back.  The staff was super nice and gave us ideas on other happy hours.

IMG_1680 Next stop, Highland Pacific, a seafood and oyster bar.  They had food here so we started to absorb some of that alcohol.  We each ordered a $3 beer, I got an O’Dells Brewing Co. 90 Shilling Scottish Ale and Jeff got an Avery Joe’s Pilsner.  Both good, but really, how many beers are gross?  We each had an Oyster from the wonderful state of Washington and some Crawfish Mac and Cheese.  The mac and cheese had a great spice and so wonderful.  The staff here was also super nice and told us they were having their annual crawfish boil tomorrow. 

high pacWith some food in our belly, we left for our next leg in our journey.  But first, I embarrassed Jeff and took this hilarious photo:

shadowThird stop, Sushi Hai for some sushi and sake! We each got another $3 beer, a New Belgium Wit and $4 warm Sake.  We also ordered Gyoza and a salmon avocado roll.  Sushi Hai had a great happy hour and I liked the atmosphere there, except for the cat that was waving at us the whole time, so distracting.


The fourth stop was a fail; we were hoping to get some mussels at the Coral Room but they were packed and couldn’t seat us. 

So we went to our final stop, the Venue Bistro.  We each had yet another $3 beer, a Wynkoop Rail Yard Ale and some delicious shrimp and grits and a flatbread to share.  This place was pretty empty so the service was super quick and the waitress was really nice.

venueWe had every intention of then going to see The Hunger Games, and had even packed snacks to bring into the movie.  But the waitress said the movie wasn’t as good as the books, plus being the old lame couple we are, we were getting sleepy so headed home. 

But we first stopped at our local bar that we had been meaning to try out, The Corner Club.  This place was an absolute hilarious hole-in-the-wall and is literally a block from our house. Like every good hole-in-the-wall bar, it had lots of neon signs, Christmas lights, and was carpeted.  It looks like it could be a strip club from the outside, and in fact there was a pole adjacent to the dance floor.  There were also pool tables and a nice patio.  The people on the inside were equally entertaining to watch.  Oh and beers were $2.50 (not on any special), I got a Blue Moon and Jeff got a Coors. 

IMG_1701My hand (right) looks like I have man hands in this photo.  Gross.

It was a fun night and Jeff and I were home by 7:30 pm.  We even attempted to watch a horrible movie, Something Borrowed.  This movie was painful to watch.  I really did try to make it through the whole thing, but it was awful.  I turned it off in disgust and was asleep by 10.


Kate said...

You should still go see Hunger Games. It is fun to see it acted out. Of course it isn't as good as the books, but what ever is? I liked it, plus it made me want to read the books again.

Anonymous said...

Very rarely are movies as good as the books, but I thought this was a great adaptation. There was so much they got right, I totally loved it. Watching Katniss volunteer still gives me chills.

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