Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nuun HTC Relay Contest Fail

Nuun announced it’s teams for the Hood To Coast relay the other day, at Noon (creative Nuun, creative….).  The list did not include yours truly.  Oh well, maybe next time! 

nuun_failHonestly, I don’t blame them.  I saw all the other applications and some of those people put a lot of time and effort into theirs and did a really great job.  Like they really really really wanted to be on the team and seemed to really really really LOVE to consume Nuun.  Kudos to them….. but that just isn’t me.

Not only did Jeff and I put a whole 5 minutes into my application, our stellar acting was fueled by a bottle of wine which probably is frowned upon by Nuun.  No editing was performed on our video that was taped using the video mode on my point-and-shoot camera.  I am simple and I am lazy and I am no afraid to admit it. 

In addition, I am embarrassed to admit that I didn’t use a Nuun electrolyte tab in my video application.  You see, Jeff and I are friends with a GU employee who graciously provided us with a ton of GU Brew Tabs a while back.  So when it came time to pull a video application out of my arse, all I had on hand was GU Brew and I was too lazy to go out and actually purchase Nuun. 

Nuun must have caught on to my less than ambitious ways and my underachieving nature when it comes to contests, as they did not select me for their team.  Plus Nuun must be smart and realized I have a total of 4 followers; my mom, my husband, and my 2 dogs.  It would not be intelligent marketing to choose me.  They chose legit blogs with legit followers who would adequately market their product.  Duuuuhhhh!  Maybe next time Nuun, maybe next time…..

I guess this just means if I want to do a relay I will have to stop being lazy and put together a team or find someone to include me on their team.  Maybe a Ragnar Relay? Maybe an adventure trail race?  If anyone needs me on their team, let me know!  Will travel to run :)


Kate said...

For the record. I follow.

Tim F said...

That was a really good video. They should have picked you!

CentsibleRunner said...

Thanks! It worked out though, I found a team of people from where I live to join.

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear you didn't make it, but there are always other thing in the future. Probably something even BETTER!!! And NOw you have 1 more follower.

XLMIC said...

"LIKE" :)

CentsibleRunner said...

Thanks for following, hopefully I don't bore you with my ramblings. I actually am going to be running HTC with a different team and I'm looking forward to it, so something else did come about from submitting an application!

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