Monday, April 16, 2012

Double Header, STL Style

Saturday started off with another Cardinals baseball game against the Cubs.  This time the whole family was out in full force, even the newest addition!

IMG_1765 There was another rain delay, but the sun once again made its appearance, along with heat and humidity.  We made it in the stadium where they handed out replica World Champion rings.

day2 The Cardinals redeemed themselves for their poor showing the day before and ended up beating the Cubs 5-1. 

day2_2 The newest addition to the family may or may not have stolen the show……and was so good the entire game!  I almost packed her into my bag to come back to Denver with us, but then I realized that I am not capable of being responsible for mini-humans 24/7 and left her in STL.  juliaAfter the baseball game we changed into our blue clothes and headed straight down the road for the Blues hockey game with the family and some friends.


I LOVE hockey!  This game was amazingly exciting.  There was a Blues goal in the first 2 minutes that set the tone for the rest of the game against the San Jose Sharks.


The Blues ended up winning 3-0 with a giant fight as the buzzer sounded.  There were claims of cheap shots and sucker punches.  Playoff hockey gets nuts.



After the game, Jeff and I were on our best behavior, passed up the celebrations, and headed straight to bed.  We had a half marathon in the morning!!!

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