Sunday, April 29, 2012

Randomness on a Sunday morning

I don’t have anything important to say nor have I done anything particularly exciting this weekend so here is a dose of randomness for you on this Sunday morning:
  1. I absolutely love the smell of clean.  This includes Tide or Gain detergent, bleach, Febreeze, and really any cleaning product.  I wish that I could always have laundry being done so that the house is filled with the wonderful smell of clean clothes.  This Gain commercial resonates with me:
  2. I also have a strange love of cleaning in general.  I deep clean my house weekly and love when everything looks and smells clean and fresh.  After I clean, I spin around happily in the middle of the room singing “Cleeeeaaaaannnnn!”  What, nobody else does this?  Oh well, you are weird, not me.  My backup plan if engineering doesn’t pan out is to be a cleaning lady.
  3. I hate weeds, especially dandelions.  It seems every rental house I have rented has terrible lawns filled more with weeds than grass.  They grow so fast and taunt me.  I hate them so much and will be getting a boat load of weed killer today.  Nothing feels better than spraying herbicide on weeds.  Dandelion2
  4. I plan my runs to zig zag through cool neighborhoods with houses to look at.  I live hear the Highlands neighborhood and there are so many houses I want.  There is a great mix of old and new and so much character!  I prefer established neighborhoods with trees.  I don’t know which I like better, the classic old brick or the new and modern…. so torn.  I like that this neighborhood has
  5. I despise snakes.  I know most are harmless but I don’t care, they are so scary and gross.  On Friday I was enjoying my run when I stepped on a horrible snake and I swear it coiled and struck at.  I screamed so loud and danced around like a maniac then sprinted away.  It was so horrifying.  I wanted to go back to the trail with a knife and cut its head off.  I can’t even include a picture of a snake because just looking at them gives me the heebie geebies.
  6. Both yesterday morning and this morning I drank an entire pot of coffee by myself.  I love that coffee makes you poop, and I have pooped like 6 times (1 poop per cup of coffee, interesting).  I do this so that I am all empty by the time I go for my long run and I get all hopped up on caffeine in the process.  turd
  7. Jeff bought me a present yesterday.  It was a bottle of vodka and the bottle was in the shape of a rifle.  I didn’t know whether I should drink it or play with it?  This bottle of vodka is amazing. IMG_1941

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