Friday, April 13, 2012

Meet me in St Louis….

Jeff and I flew to St Louis last night for a sports filled weekend extravaganza.  Jeff is a HUGE St Louis sports fanatic, so I was not surprised when he got the idea to do the St Louis Half Marathon… happens to fall on the same weekend as the Cardinals baseball home opener and a Blues hockey playoff game.  So we are rushing around sport spectating and then running a little race on Sunday.

Friday- Cardinals Home Opener VS their arch-nemesis the Cubs (according to Jeff, I’m supposed to HATE the Cubs, but how can you possibly hate a cute cuddly bear?!)

Saturday-  afternoon baseball game Cardinals VS Cubs, followed by Blues Hockey Game in the evening.  Sometime in there we are going to stuff our faces with some carbs or just drink beer to cover our bases.

Sunday- run the half marathon in the morning followed by brunch and family time.  Then back to Denver.

A jam packed weekend full of fun with these guys (minus brother Dodsy who is in San Francisco finishing his thesis, I miss him):

IMG_0127 Yes, Jeff has four brothers.  His parents are saints.  These brothers are all best buddies (most of the time)….. and have strange brother languages (and dances)……

Off to start the weekend!!!!

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Alma said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! Have fun!

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