Sunday, April 8, 2012

Doudy Draw, Spring Brook, and Flatirons Vista

Trail running is the BEST!  Yesterday Jeff and I decided to do a trail run for our long run.  We got in just under 10 miles on a series of trails just south of Boulder.  We started at Flatirons Vista and did Prairie Vista and looped back on Flatirons Vista South, allowed Jeff to take a little pit stop, then went back on Flatirons Vista South to Doudy Draw to the Spring Brook Loop and finally back to our car. 
This was an awesome place to trail run.  The elevation gains were all gradual and not too tough and the scenery was gorgeous.  Jeff and I left our music at home and just enjoyed the quiet and the sound of our breathing and feet against the trail.  Trail running is so mind clearing!
runs1Trail running also works different muscles and keeps the pace down, which is perfect for a me (I tend to go way too fast on long runs).  We aren’t near as sore as we were the last time we did a trail run, but we will definitely foam roll today to make sure we aren’t sore this week.  It was also a great change of scenery and so refreshing.
We will probably get in a 5-6 miler today, with a few faster mines in there, to round out our weekly mileage to around 30 miles.
Have a very happy Easter today!!!!! 

Next weekend we will be in St Louis to watch the Cardinals Home Opener and to run the half marathon.  Excited!

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